Monday, May 25, 2009

Rick and Bobo/Need Blogs for Promo

In July we will bring you Rick and Bobo the first book by the Ventrillo Brothers..
If you would like to host Rick and Bobo on your blog - please contact

We are looking for people to read and review the book, we will have a link to a book trailer about the book and an author interview.
We would like for you to review the book and place the review on your website. The Ventrillo’s are eager to visit your blog and take questions from your readers.
Rick and Bobo is an action adventure book. I believe the focus is YA.
The lead characters are two brothers, Rick and Ray (Bobo). After coming into a great deal of money the duo quickly become bored, and begin a funny and adventurous journey into the world of superheroes. Move over Spiderman, Batman and the Fantastic Four; there are new superheroes in town!

Thank you
Debra Gaynor

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